Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lotus Arts de Vivre opening house party

Lotus Arts de Vivre is synonymous with handcrafted work of the highest caliber, using beautiful natural materials such as gems, wood, coral, shell, stingray leather, and coconut, married with centuries-old artistic techniques and the wisdom of ancient craftsmanship to produce one-of-a-kind objets d'art to produce unusual items that exceed the boundaries of conventional, mass-produced design. 

The very essence of Lotus Arts de Vivre comes from the fact that each item is a testament to the taste and style of its owner.  Each piece is individual, distinctive and unique, instantly recognizable and collectible. 

Big Wooden Bowl with Silver Monkeys : 
Tamarind wood, Sterling Silver ; Size 55x63x28 cm.

The Minotaur :
Teakwood trunk, Gold leaf ; Size 120W x 160L x 330H cm.

The Rooster :
Teak Wood, Sterling silver, metal, Galuchat (Stingray) leather, Red Enomel, Tiger eye Quartz ;
Size 220x380x350 cm.

Traditional Thai Dancer Sculpture

The Eagle :
Mahogany root, Silver, Tiger eye quartz ; Size 350x770x125 cm.

Lion & Bull Stools :
Leather, Silver

12 Chinese Year Animals paper weight & Wooden Lotus Leaves Table

Wooden Swan :
Rare teak root, Sterling Silver ; Size 50x70x70 cm.

China Wooden Dining Chair with Dragon Decoration :
Wood, Silver, Galuchat Leather ; Size 60w x 53d x 124h cm.

Dinning Table & Dragon Fish Candle Holder

To indicate seat for all guests ; guests' name has been hand painted on Lotus Leafs

White Truffle Menu

Jewelry Selections

Dragon Bangles

Dragon Bangle & Sheep Ring


Photoes with K. Rolf von Bueren (The Founder & Owner of Lotus Arts de Vivre)

My Mom's Little goodies : Evening handbags 
(made out of part of Tibet ancient wall decoration fabric)

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