Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lotus Arts de Vivre My Favorite Pieces!!!

Muro Brooches
Muro jewelry originated in medieval Venice when it was fashionable for high class Venetians to be followed by young boys, called Muros, dressed in extravagant jewels and fabulous costumes. Even when this practice stopped, people continued wearing jewelry depicting these gorgeous boys as good luck charms.

Ammonite Earrings

Snake Leather Clutch
Another design from snake collection by Lotus Arts de Vivre, the snake was believed to be the spirit protector.
Snake leather handbag in shocking pink color decorated with spessartines in sterling silver eyes.

Galuchat Leather Sunglasses
The significance of this piece comes in the form of its raw material, Galuchat (stingray) Named after Jean-Claude Galuchat, first popularized the Galuchat technique in Europe. Before electricity or machines for cutting were invented, stingray leather was very difficult to work with. Thus it remained highly dependent on the artisan's skill, which LadV has duely mastered.

Plam Stick Handbag

Velvet Dragon Shoes
Exquisite handicraft velvet shoes with gold embroidery in Lotus design.

My Look of the day... ................... ... ...........

Leather Studs Clutch : Diesel
Flower Headband : Chaps Bangkok
Earrings : Topshop
Dress : Vintage

Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

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